Wary [adjective]

Definition of Wary:

careful, cautious

Opposite/Antonyms of Wary:

Sentence/Example of Wary:

Tranter, cunning and wary from years of fighting, knew that his chance had come.

But when they reached Rhegium, the wary Spartan was already beyond their reach.

The very lavishness arouses suspicion in the minds of the wary.

But the wary and vigilant leader of the Hurons was not so easily disconcerted.

He sought no return fire, but lay in the dip, wary and patient.

The wary and skillful Johnston had another army, and he could not be far away.

After that he was wary and watchful and full of his purpose.

Even the most wary, circumspect, and suspicious, might thus be overcome.

But we must take care how we act, Vivian; we must be wary; eh!

He had been wary and he had known how to wait; and now, it seemed to him, he was to be rewarded for his patience.