Saving [adjective]

Definition of Saving:


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Sentence/Example of Saving:

Who, think you, does more injustice, a prodigal man or a saving man?

But it was not only in Eastern Europe that his saving influence was felt.

How the devil would have laughed at the idea of a society for saving the world!

Only some chips that I'm saving till mother has her nap out.

After reading this note, I thought not of pursuing or saving Lady Glenthorn.

I sometimes think he was the means, indeed, of saving all our lives.

It is these saving stars that light the eternal darkness of the blind.

And in keeping it secret from you, she supposed, no doubt, that she was only saving you uneasiness.'

Been high and low, on the chance of finding some hope of saving any cinders from the fire.

But why shouldn't you blarney with a gentleman, when you began by saving his life?