Wasting [verb]

Definition of Wasting:

spend or use without thought; dwindle

Opposite/Antonyms of Wasting:

Sentence/Example of Wasting:

As long as a majority was prepared, it was wasting money to conciliate any body else.

Of course, every effort should be made to keep the ice from wasting.

Wasting no more words, I marched off to the fountainhead for information.

And Ray pressed his thin, wasting hand across his damp forehead.

She must know that on a day like this he would not be wasting the light,—that he would be working.

Another warned me that I was wasting my best years in the hamlet.

But his mood had been diverted, and he presently found that he was wasting time.

Yet, after a minute, he said to himself that he was wasting his time in both these proceedings.

She seemed to be incapable of wasting time or of waywardness.

Others had pneumonia and were wasting beneath the stress of their frightful cough.