Ebb [noun]

Definition of Ebb:

regression; decline

Opposite/Antonyms of Ebb:

Sentence/Example of Ebb:

Having passed all the dangers, the ebb-tide very soon carried us out of the river into Hanover Bay.

The ebb tide after noon was against us, and the wind being light, we were making no progress.

We cross over the bridges that span salty channels, oozy and redolent of ocean and sea-weed during the hours of ebb.

Russian opera was then at a low ebb, and he only went to hear his favourite work, A Life for the Tsar.

Every emotion, unless it be that of love, must have its ebb; and by nightfall the settlers were returning to their old caution.

This is a very dark frame of mind, consequent on overwork and the conclusion of the excruciating Ebb Tide.

Before the construction of the mole, the flow and ebb of the sea cleared the mud away entirely, by forcing it outwards.

He chopped the jam that afternoon, and it floated out in the night or early morning with the ebb.

There would be the ebb-tide for leaving the Douvres; and the flood would carry him into Guernsey.

The ebb and current threatened to sweep the ship on the shore.