Diminution [noun]

Definition of Diminution:

lessening, reduction

Synonyms of Diminution:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diminution:

Sentence/Example of Diminution:

Absence or marked diminution, therefore, indicates organic disease of the stomach.

In passing round Cape Flinders, there appeared to be a considerable diminution in the remains of the Frederick's wreck.

Medicinal doses of the bromides produce in healthy persons a general diminution of nervous energy.

Her bodily energy exhibits no diminution for many years, she being still able to walk briskly about the room.

The total diminution of revenues occasioned by the reductions was estimated by the right honourable baronet at about 270,000.

If you were disposed to do so you could kill dozens every day with little effort and almost no diminution of the visible supply.

To such an one a teeming population is equivalent to a diminution in the supply of game, and this, again, involves starvation.

The augmentation, or diminution, of its size, is caused by the care taken to unite the great with the small individuals.

An idea prevails that a diminution in the extent under grain implies an increase in the production of meat.

We wish not a diminution of the prerogative; nor do we solicit the grant of any new right in our favour.