Rise [noun]

Definition of Rise:

increase, improvement

Opposite/Antonyms of Rise:

Sentence/Example of Rise:

Making an effort to rise, he seemed surprised at his own weakness.

However, when we rise to go, it is well after midnight, and I am in a pleasant daze.

The rise and fall of civilisations may be called mankind's lessons in "how not to do it."

He felt thankful when the morning dawned, and it was time to rise.

They seemed to rise from some eternal deep within her, yet not to be of her making.

In few other circumstances can it have such an opportunity—can it rise to equal height.

Cut this into strips about 3/4 inch wide, cover, and let rise.

Let these rise and then bake them in a hot oven for about 15 minutes.

Knead the dough, let it rise again, and form it into loaves.

We are now in the region of the Causses; around us rise the spurs of Sauveterre and Svrac.