Distention [noun]

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If the heat be insufficient, a drying up instead of a natural distention ensues.

And this extended upward without first producing any great distention of the synovial sack under the patella.

This seems to be due to the distention of the stomach, either by gas or by liquid.

The other is by the contraction and distention of the midriff or diaphragm.

In every bruise the small blood vessels are ruptured, and the blood collects in the tissues causing distention, swelling and pain.

However, according to Dr. Watson, it is capable of distention to a certain extent.

Pray leave off wine:—the stomach is quite at rest; no heartburn, no pain, no distention.

In neither case is it easy to imagine effective distention produced by the seething even of "the multitudinous blood."

In sheep the post-mortem examination showed paleness, anmia of the muscles, and great distention of the abdomen.

The accumulation existing in the colon leads to a sense of distention and uneasiness in the abdomen.