Bulge [noun]

Definition of Bulge:

swollen object

Synonyms of Bulge:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bulge:

Sentence/Example of Bulge:

He too, then, was awake and restless, for I saw the canvas sides bulge this way and that as he moved within.

The temples and dome of the head seemed to bulge, as if there was too much inside for the strength of the restraining walls.

Presently the bulge of the boat's bow glanced along the ship's side, and Joe flung his painter.

No helicopters swung their blades above; there were only the bulge of a conning tower and the heavy inset glasses of the lookouts.

After she had tripped over two large paving-stones that had met in an upward bulge, she took more note of detail.

I could see an unusual agitation on their blank, bulge-eyed faces, if those insect masks could be called faces.

I am told you put it in your pocket; and I see something bulge in your waistcoat.

With a little care the tin can be made to bulge outwardly in the center making room for the nail heads.

When, with returning fair weather, the atmospheric pressure increases, the water can no longer bulge or drop out of the bulb.

From the sides of the hill, and on its top, great boulders bulge, like plums in a pudding.