Growth [noun]

Definition of Growth:

development, progress

Opposite/Antonyms of Growth:

Sentence/Example of Growth:

The trail shoots into a valley of second-growth hardwoods enveloped by scalloped sandstone cliffs.

Automating your marketing will take your growth strategy to the next level.

I actually prefer to not date people who are too similar in thought as it stifles each other’s growth.

Increasing your sales volume in the early stages of your company will spur word of mouth growth in the future as more customers leave reviews for your products and share their impressions with others via word of mouth.

As you develop a holistic local SEO strategy, your business will begin to reach milestones and gear up for long-term growth.

Change nectar weekly in the winter and more often in the summer, when warmer temperatures can increase mold growth.

Fresh off maybe the busiest news year in modern history, news publishers are leaning more into the live update formats that many turned to in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak, after discovering that the format helps drive subscriber growth.

It’s a complicated issue that’s not as clear cut — or even as fair or realistic — as what Facebook and Twitter have stated, according to Jessica Hayes, vp of growth at video-calling platform Whereby, a remote-first company since its outset in 2013.

Whether by chance or design— I think by design — we have a set of clients that are in growth mode like Amazon and Spotify — platform brands that are doing well in a world that is primarily mediated through virtual.

In January, the average subscriber growth rate for the newsletters was 20% month-over-month, Bonner said, with some smaller publications receiving closer to 50% growth.