Evolvement [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Evolvement:

Berkeley is home to top-rated food, unique music, excellent shopping, and a large LGBTQ community that’s evolving every day.

I think the beauty of being a music museum is we have to evolve and react to music at the same time that it’s happening.

Surprisingly, this plant camouflage seems to have evolved in response to people.

As we learn through time, our understanding of truth also evolves.

However much the mix of retailers in Levi’s wholesale business evolves, direct-to-consumer selling will remain a major focus for Levi’s growth, given the higher profits and greater control it offers.

In some ways, they are like the genes of the immune system, which change quickly to keep up with rapidly evolving pathogens in a kind of arms race.

A computer chip might evolve as new innovations help it work faster.

It found that within the family of 85 or so genes, the genes that were evolving more rapidly were more likely to control essential functions for the fly.

Coursera’s model has since evolved to also offer paid classes that let users earn certificates.

Regular boosters may be necessary as the virus cycles, not because the virus is rapidly evolving, but because human immunity may wane.