Heightening [verb]

Definition of Heightening:


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Sentence/Example of Heightening:

To save strength and give plentiful nourishment, without heightening the fever, must be the constant effort.

Of all things to be avoided I would mention the mistake of putting up the handle bars, without heightening the saddle.

But oftener he lay among the cushions, the light flooding his white hair and dress and heightening his brilliant coloring.

It made demands upon her judgment, and offered opportunity for increasing knowledge and heightening her value to the company.

We follow with always heightening pleasure the progress of a passion to the abyss into which it hurries its unhappy victim.

The corners of the mouth were drooped, heightening the whole effect of incomprehensible depression.

Only one person laughed, and that laugh had had the effect of heightening the general condemnation.

She advanced a few steps nearer to me, with a heightening color and a threatening look.

The very heightening has injured the image—the shadow that shone brighter in simple words.

But such is the heightening touch of memory that his beauty was probably richer in her imagination than in the real.