Condemn [verb]

Definition of Condemn:

blame, convict

Opposite/Antonyms of Condemn:

Sentence/Example of Condemn:

Yet if there is a measure of untruth in such pretty flatteries, one needs to be superhuman in order to condemn them harshly.

Some affirm that he wrote to please royalty, but if so why did he not condemn the custom to appease the wrath of a sapient king.

Do not believe this; be certain that those who profess such a doctrine are practising themselves the deceit they condemn so much.

In reference to this, as well as to any other matter inculcated upon them, their consciences will either approve or condemn them.

We do not pretend to justify either his ignorance or his imposture; but we cannot condemn his doctrine of one only God.

St. Augustine does not venture to decide on the guilt or virtue of this action; he is afraid to condemn it.

They neither approve nor disapprove, commend or condemn, till they have consulted his looks and his countenance.

The former says:—'I condemn thy teaching; it is (mere) adversity.'

In his lifetime Essex did many things which history must condemn, though he seems not in any way to have accused himself.

You snatch me out of the cold cloister, but, in the bustling, ardent world you condemn me to the conventional chastity?