Reprove [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Reprove:

Your life must be saved; even if you reprove me for the means.

It must be my duty to reprove, to show her her deceit in its full enormity.

I ought to reprove this acclamation—but this once I let it pass.

If my remnant of a conscience presumed to rise and reprove me, I stamped it down.

I could see what had happened—my family had sent him to reprove me and remonstrate with me.

I reprove it in the sternest terms, and I deplore the consequences it had.

Hence also the reproof of our own mode of life when we attempt to reprove others.

And even if he did speak of Peggy by her first name, was it Margaret's place to reprove him?

Let us reprove them, or at least avoid them, as we would the plague.

Why should he not have left that matter to some masters of policy to reprove?