Reprimand [noun]

Definition of Reprimand:

oral punishment

Synonyms of Reprimand:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reprimand:

Sentence/Example of Reprimand:

He frequently spoke in verse when he wished to reprimand an artiste.

I hope Collins will be consoled, and light his segar with the reprimand.

Now the memory of the reprimand was a strong spur to endeavour.

He said nothing, except to reprimand me for assaulting Martin.

At any rate, he thought, the reprimand would be only a matter of form.

We are moralists, and reprimand you; and you are hereby reprimanded accordingly.

Paul thought that it was to reprimand him for something or other.

So, after school, they were required to stand up in their places, and listen to the reprimand.

He expected a reprimand from the Government and also from his uncle because of the succession.

Cerverra had been released with a reprimand that he was not likely to forget.