Commendation [noun]

Definition of Commendation:

giving of praise; acclaim

Synonyms of Commendation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Commendation:

Sentence/Example of Commendation:

Great preparations had been made, and the success must have been perfect to win so general and hearty a commendation.

Jane was highly gratified by this commendation, and most eagerly availed herself of his most valuable offer.

The principles herein stated are not mere theories, but they have the commendation of having stood the test of use.

"Flora May," was the delighted answer, now that the aunt had committed herself by commendation.

This establishment of a test workhouse for the able-bodied received at first the warm commendation of the Central Authority.

For the next few years we see them taking great pride in this school, and receiving the highest commendation from the inspectors.

They needed no further commendation, for they knew no higher court on such a matter.

Miss Porter looked up quickly from her embroidery, and winked slyly at Ella in commendation of her falsehood.

He did not want Ilbert's commendation; he hated that Mary should quote his opinions.

An impartial retrospect will not permit a commendation of the plan.