Stroking [verb]

Definition of Stroking:

pat lengthwise

Synonyms of Stroking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stroking:

Sentence/Example of Stroking:

Stroking her thin hand, he said, after a pause, "Did Carry ever write to you?"

Stroking his long chin whiskers he took a Bible from his pocket.

Stroking with the stick or a feather is always to be recommended.

Stroking the beard before a person spoke was preparatory to favor.

Stroking Margaret's hair, Jenny looked down at me in my wicker arm-chair.

Stroking his tawny mustache, he concluded brief comment with a short laugh.

Stroking his cheek critically he decided that he wanted shaving, and, cursing him in my heart, I had to comply.

Stroking the cat and sipping his tea, Mr. Walkingshaw conversed pleasantly with his sister.

Stroking the mare's neck, and with a little halt in her voice, "I do not know what we should do without you."