Rub [noun]

Definition of Rub:

stroke, massage

Synonyms of Rub:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rub:

Sentence/Example of Rub:

Is it that it seems a strange and hideous dream, from which we will awake and rub our eyes?

He ran and pulled some grass and proceeded to rub the Major down.

And this time the thing he wanted was to get the dervish to rub some of the salve on his other eye.

Reserve some of the stuffing to rub all over the outside of the meat.

Wash the meat in cold water, and then wipe it dry, and rub it with salt.

Then take out the hams, rub them with bran and smoke them for a fortnight.

Put it on the spit, rub it with butter, and roast it before a brisk fire.

Gather them while the shells are very soft, and rub them all with a flannel.

Another method is to scald them, and then to rub off the outer skin.

Cut up one quarter into the flour, and rub it fine with your hands.