Caress [noun]

Definition of Caress:

loving touch

Synonyms of Caress:

Opposite/Antonyms of Caress:


Sentence/Example of Caress:

The action was at first a little confusing to Edna, but she soon lent herself readily to the Creole's gentle caress.

Each word was a caress, each syllable alive with interest, sympathy, excited anticipation.

He did not caress it; she once heard him sighing over it; and he never announced it in the newspapers.

He kissed her with a degree of passion which had not before entered into his caress, and strained her to him.

And yet he heard songs that sounded like a caress and his whole being was permeated by a sense of delicious freshness.

They glide across my face with tender, soft caress, and I feel something melt within me.

For a moment the girl suffered the caress; almost she seemed to nestle closer to the Dowager's shoulder.

Her arms were held out, and Harry threw himself upon her, but when he rose from her caress, Norman and Tom were gone.

She suffered her lover to draw her to himself, and their lips met in a long, passionate caress that blotted out all the past.

At first they were afraid of me, but seeing their mother caress me, they soon learned to do the same.