Fondling [verb]

Definition of Fondling:

touch lovingly

Synonyms of Fondling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fondling:

Sentence/Example of Fondling:

Meantime was it possible that by fondling she wanted to get anything out of Black Sheep?

You have then been whimpering and fondling, like a Spaniel, over the Fellow that hath abusd you.

These peculiarities, together with her way of fondling the pearls, did not escape Mr. Ricketty's calculating observation.

Is there no pity, no relenting ruth, Points to the parents fondling o'er their child?

I was sitting up very straight beside her listening to every word Mr. Wood said, and she was fondling my head.

Yes, darling, just go and suggest a short armistice to the Germans while you take me to Brighton for a week's fondling.

“Was you frightened of falling on your heady peady, darling,” she murmured, fondling it ecstatically.

"There are not many of that sort in the kingdom," he said to the pawnbroker, who was loftily fondling the unlucky opal.

At a certain point in the proceedings I felt on my right cheek the sensation of a fondling caress.

The old man's eye dwelt on the notes: he ceased fondling the gray cat.