Grab [verb]

Definition of Grab:

latch on to

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The post The streaming wars have escalated over turf grabs appeared first on Digiday.

Now, two years after Ethiopia first teased the world with plans that as much of half of the country’s telecommunications industry was up for grabs, there is still no clear timetable for its implementation.

Yet that hasn’t stopped him from using the crisis to justify even more aggressive data grabs.

Kayla Jimenez compiled a list of the seats that are up for grabs and the major initiatives that have already qualified in this week’s North County Report.

There are two City Council seats — District 2 and District 4 — up for grabs.

In the crowded March 3 primary, the two candidates combined to win about 37 percent of the vote — Hegar’s 22 percent to West’s 15 percent — meaning there is a lot of unaligned support up for grabs today.

His motto was, "Grab a dollar to-day—but don't meddle with it if it interferes with a thousand dollars in ten years."

Joe tried to grab him with the boathook, but it was useless, and the unhappy poltroon's body was whirled away.

Sure maybe you could grab that dough by blasting your way with the heaters plenty.

Jehosophat kicked at him with his wet feet, and tried to grab the fat red nose that hung down over the turkey's beak.