Grip [noun]

Definition of Grip:

clasp, embrace

Synonyms of Grip:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grip:

Sentence/Example of Grip:

You get a bevel range of up to 45 degrees and the horizontal handle and clamping system helps you get a good grip on your lumber as you cut down.

Pitchers use the detailed images to refine pitch grips to optimize movement.

Researchers have now used creative cuts to help shoes get a grip.

The new high, which smashes that 32-year record, comes on the heels of a historically hot May around the globe, and especially in Siberia, which is in the grips of an ongoing heat wave.

The most sensitive experiment will be the first to run into the unexpected, and XENON continues to maintain a solid grip on that prized pole position.

Yellow fever’s grip on Louisiana perpetuated racial inequity, Bower reports.

As men fixed in the grip of nightmare, we were powerless—unable to do anything but wait.

Their glances met, she holding him always at arm's length by that grip upon his shoulders, a grip that was firm and nervous.

But the grip was immovable, and he found himself staring into the unemotional face of Seton Pasha.

Pattison leaned over the door at the front of the car, and brought out a big leather grip.