Handshake [noun]

Definition of Handshake:

informal agreement

Synonyms of Handshake:

Opposite/Antonyms of Handshake:

Sentence/Example of Handshake:

An email newsletter is a great digital handshake between a consumer and a publisher….

Butler and Wise still perform a handshake that ends with them pretending to shoot a Kamehameha wave at each other.

Their value is a product of digital handshakes over millions of transactions firming up that consensus.

I was warned by other midshipmen that I would fail on the spot if I initiated a handshake.

It is the shop clerk’s smile, the salesman’s hearty handshake, because the audience now is a customer base, and the customer is always right.

Coronaviruses enter and replicate inside a human cell with a protein handshake.

Either way, a strong handshake may offer more information about you than you may realize.

There are a number of new precautions in place for the debate, too, given the renewed focus on the coronavirus, including a hotly disputed plexiglass barrier to separate the candidates and no handshakes upon arrival.

He stretched out a hand in silence and gave me a hearty handshake; and I shook the reins and thundered up the road to Staunton.

They exchanged the hearty, lingering handshake of trusty friendship and deep affection.