Mistake [noun]

Definition of Mistake:

error, misunderstanding

Opposite/Antonyms of Mistake:

Sentence/Example of Mistake:

Without reasons I was sure of, you know, so there could be no chance of any mistake.

"Nothing, only you locked the door by mistake," said Ben, coolly.

He'll be the corn king all right by June 1st; don't make any mistake on that.

"If you will consult the captain, you may learn your mistake," said Robert.

Yet they not only use this medium, but mistake it for the whitest sunshine.

Shot a damn cock pheasant by mistake, and had to bury the thing in my own covers.

But I concluded the mistake lay in the person; and that his address was to Miss Arabella.

She knows the way, and I want mother to be told it right, so there won't be no mistake.

Then label the cans, so that no mistake will be made as to their contents.

Somebody made a mistake, and they cannot let such a thing go by.