Miscalculation [noun]

Definition of Miscalculation:


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Sentence/Example of Miscalculation:

It did not end in the capture of the fugitive, because it was founded on a miscalculation.

But whichever of the two was his intent, it seems to have been a miscalculation.

His sensibilities were not acute, but he perceived that he had made a miscalculation.

As it happened the conclusion he reached was based on a miscalculation.

At the worst it could only be called a miscalculation—a mistake.

I must have made a miscalculation, but I am afraid he is dead.

By some miscalculation the first people on the rope walked on to the cornice.

The losses are proportionally large if there is miscalculation of demand.

Miscalculation of distances was the commonest source of error.

He who prophesies that Christianity will disappear because it is old, makes a miscalculation.