Misjudgment [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Misjudgment:

But the misjudgment and the depression of the insane are only an exaggeration of that which may occur in any man.

It is impossible to know what little slip or misjudgment may have produced the explosion.

There was no misjudgment of the power of the appeal in this instance.

And it is here that the misjudgment comes in of many generous hearts who have spoken sometimes lately so strongly in my praise.

From a misunderstanding of George Sand's character, there is but a short step to a misjudgment of her connection with Chopin.

Bob was suffering for his presumption, his inability to appreciate plain differences, his gross misjudgment of her.

Perhaps more estimates of value have gone wrong because of misjudgment of this factor than for any other cause.

Unluckily, with a young man's misjudgment, Dumas would not let it be the actual end, though that is not a couple of pages off.

Misjudgment would either rip the suit or dash him to instant death.

Nobody will dare to censure that popular part of the tribunal whose only restraint on misjudgment is the censure of the public.