Error [noun]

Definition of Error:

mistake; wrong

Opposite/Antonyms of Error:

Sentence/Example of Error:

Exactly how much you’ll need is often a bit of trial and error.

This means they are hard to ace, but also, they make very few errors on their return strokes.

In fact, Drake appears poised to be a seeding error of a different sort.

With the upgrade, the new Coverage reporting greatly expanded the amount of information for site owners, including errors, indexing levels, and urls that were being excluded from indexing.

In 2016, with support from her parents and after a lot of trial and error with designers, Samaira introduced CoderBunnyz, her first board game.

Like any model, the one we trained to strip extraneous language can make errors.

Company leader Mark Zuckerberg later said the cause was a “technical error.”

After a thorough review, we believe the gravest errors occurred in the author-selection and vetting process.

Especially because technological errors can occur—like server crashes or the wearable getting placed in the wrong position—parents could potentially receive inaccurate results or false alerts.

Perhaps each participating octopus and fish works it out for themselves, through trial and error—or perhaps, following an initial breakthrough, knowledge spreads by observation or even active teaching.