Delusion [noun]

Definition of Delusion:

misconception, misbelief

Opposite/Antonyms of Delusion:

Sentence/Example of Delusion:

“It seems to have forced those people onto darker, scarier apps where their delusion and bloodlust can run wild,” Dorsey allowed.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov retorted that Navalny had delusions of grandeur, paranoia and a “Freudian fixation” on his underwear.

Those keywords — delusion, justice, accountability and freedom — name and organize the four short essays that provide most of the book’s pages.

A nation unwilling to tell the truth about itself to itself will circle its delusions until there is nothing left to tether it to reality.

What’s more, we are willing to lessen the criminal penalty if the person was deprived of free will, for instance if they were in the grip of a schizophrenic delusion.

It was directed to Mr. Carr, and said as plainly as look could say, "Don't undeceive her; keep up the delusion."

Dining the eminent members of my constituency on horse-meat, under the delusion that what is good for chickens is good for votes.

The horrible phantasy had faded from her mind with the morning light, and she would try and think of it as a mental delusion.

She found this imaginary phenomenon to be soothing rather than otherwise, and resigned herself almost eagerly to the delusion.

The delusion of the red figure with the knife had passed for a moment, and the king's eyes were closed.