Truth [noun]

Definition of Truth:

reality, validity

Opposite/Antonyms of Truth:

Sentence/Example of Truth:

Listen to the voice that tries to win you back to innocence and truth!

"In truth, my father, I wished to avoid the pain of parting," rejoined Philæmon.

The testimony of Pericles, Alcibiades, and Plato, confirmed the truth of his words.

But I got him too straight—let a drunken man alone for telling the truth when he's got it in him.

In truth, it's amazing to take count of the Western men among us in all the professions.

That's all gossip, you know; not a word of truth in it, and it's been very annoying to us both.

It was generally considered impromptu, but was, in truth, as stereotyped as the other.

I was, in truth, and not more so than deeply mortified and humbled.

I should judge from what I saw of the truth of his communications.

The call of one blood to another, and he realized the truth of what Allister said.