Facts [noun]

Definition of Facts:

inside information

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The challenge stems from the fact that rather than making learning better, the education technology field has, for the most part, focused on reaching more students.

In fact, the Orgonon estate—home of the museum—is located in a town called Rangeley.

The fact that you have Ferguson, Missouri, or you have the south side in Chicago, the inability to deal with those problems is part of the architecture of the state.

In fact, to-go cocktails could actually increase alcohol safety by promoting home consumption.

We now have studies that confirm the fact that hurricanes are becoming more destructive as the ocean heats up, providing more fuel for storm systems.

In fact, some are often found in food products, such as lactose, peanut oil, and starch.

So very bad, in fact, that the billionaire risks losing his coveted title as king of hedge funds.

In fact, the most successful ones are usually the luckiest ones—lucky to have access to promising businesses early on, and lucky to have access to so much money that they can make a lot of bad bets and still and success in the end.

In fact, Samana points out the sector is still trading at levels hit in mid-August.

Some of the most widely circulated concerns surrounding mail-in voting fraud, however, are not grounded in fact.