Data [noun]

Definition of Data:

information in visible form

Synonyms of Data:

Opposite/Antonyms of Data:


Sentence/Example of Data:

This initial match is used to create the Experian Match mapping file, which is then stored in a decentralized data “bunker.”

Sága makes Insider an attractive partner, said Vincent Niou, associate vice president, programmatic and data strategy, APAC at Essence.

In that space, it’s considered the younger, more agile competitor, with the potential to capture more of the market as data warehouses shift to cloud.

The effort generated thousands of posts this summer on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, according to an examination by The Post and an assessment by an independent specialist in data science.

To learn how to make data centers reliable enough not to need human touch is a dream of ours.

Researchers are already working to shore up the foundations of data security, which could crumble at the hands of a fully functional quantum computer in time to come.

Investors are buzzing about Snowflake, among the leaders in what is known as data warehousing, which helps companies that generate vast amounts of information analyze their data in real time.

The ruling does not stop operators from offering zero-rated services that are exempted from the customers’ data cap, as long as those services are also throttled like everything else when the general cap is reached.

JPMorgan’s findings provide a data point in the debate over whether employees perform as well at the kitchen table as they do in the workplace, showing extended remote work may not be all it’s cracked up to be, at least for some job functions.

His latest successful recasting of Nvidia’s technology involves the processing of AI work done in data centers.