Figures [noun]

Definition of Figures:

numeral; numeric value

Synonyms of Figures:

Opposite/Antonyms of Figures:

Sentence/Example of Figures:

I have drawn a Line between the figures at the extream changes, that next below the Line is the extream.

She apparently prefers to paint single figures of women and young girls, but her works include a variety of subjects.

The Indian turned his head, and spoke to some one behind; one after another a score of figures rose.

The remaining figures, being taken from census returns and other reliable authorities, are more satisfactory.

He had seen through a powerful naval glass some figures standing erect and silhouetted against the sky on the parapet.

My two eyes haven't quite the same focal length and this often puts me out of the straight with a column of figures.

These have canted bay windows below them, and their pediments are surmounted by figures representing Mercury and Athæne.

This again is inexact, since there are no precise figures of population that cover the period.

Over the archway are two sculptured figures in red terra-cotta, representing "Flora" and "Pomona."

A little practice makes the pupil prompt in dealing with any figures whatever.