Rate [noun]

Definition of Rate:

ratio, proportion

Synonyms of Rate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rate:


Sentence/Example of Rate:

At any rate, I won't be coward enough to try to hide it from her.

This one, at the rate I have observed, will not last so long.

At any rate, she has less freedom and more obligations under her contract.

At any rate, if the lady of the house objected to it, it could return with Mistress Randall.

It is the superintendent of the factory in our village—a man rich, or, at any rate, well-to-do.

At any rate, he was stouter than when he appeared on his first visit.

What, then, must be the population of the British empire if the increase in one city was at that rate?

But she cannot surely be so mean as to purchase her peace with them at so dear a rate.

"You've made up for it by arriving early to-day, at any rate," said Viviette.

"You had some satisfaction out of it, at any rate," laughed Viviette.