Symbol [noun]

Definition of Symbol:

letter, character, sign of written communication

Synonyms of Symbol:

Opposite/Antonyms of Symbol:


Sentence/Example of Symbol:

Here, perchance, may be found a clue in symbol to the family strife.

He wished to be dressed completely in white, as a symbol of his innocence.

From the symbol of her degradation, she looked to the man whose action had placed it there.

But was the "star and crescent" the symbol of the City of Constantine?

After her departure, I remarked that the symbol was none of the most apt.

Or take it as a symbol, since that may come to be one with the thing symbolized.

A king's staff of office, the sign and symbol of his authority.

The symbol of that influence was that ancient symbol of the humble and humorous—a donkey.

It ceases to be heard as a symbol, and appears only as a sign.

Wealth, or its symbol, is a medium of translating the one into the other.