Image [noun]

Definition of Image:

representation; counterpart

Opposite/Antonyms of Image:

Sentence/Example of Image:

If a pixel of the satellite image, which covers 1 square kilometer, contains fire, it is labeled a hot spot.

In this very speech, he took a passing shot at “highly political” district attorneys trying “to remake state and local prosecutorial offices in their preferred progressive image.”

Brand takeovers typically run for three to five seconds and are either videos or images.

The record number of women running for Congress is official after the last state primary, Barbados will remove the Queen as its head of state, and a model attempts to reclaim her image.

A week after the image was taken, things have only gone worse on the West Coast.

Over the last year Ethiopia’s government has backtracked significantly on the progress it made to shed its repressive image when it comes to press freedom.

It’s not the smallest full-frame mirrorless camera on the market—that title goes to Sigma’s curious fp—but Sony has included a 5-way image stabilization system built around the sensor, which takes up some extra space.

Some websites did it anyway, for example, Wikipedia on most of its pages has a predefined space for images created ahead of time.

“These images of airway cells jam-packed with viruses make a strong case for the use of masks to limit SARS-CoV-2 transmission whether an individual has symptoms or not,” Ehre says.

In a single image, it says so much about the 2020 bull market rally.