Angel [noun]

Definition of Angel:

attendant of god

Synonyms of Angel:

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Sentence/Example of Angel:

The company raised a $1 million seed round led by Luminar Ventures with Antler, Gazella and various business angels also participating.

When his family announced earlier this year that Circles had been recorded concurrently with Swimming, it was almost as if an angel came back to revisit us as a gift.

They can summon our better angels or awaken our worst instincts.

Because the way you were describing why we would fail was because, basically, we’re not the angels that therapists are.

I reached the spot where she stood, she began to speak, and I took off my hat as if doing reverence to an angel.

"I do think Angel would surely want me to go, if she knew," thought Rosemary.

In two or three minutes Rosemary appeared once more, without her hat and coat, to say that "Angel" had not yet come back.

This was a hard nut to crack, if his past were not to be ruthlessly severed from Angel's by a word.

There was a scamp of a father who had "not been very kind" to Angel, and had been lost, or had thoughtfully lost himself.

It was certain that the lovely lady was none other than the Madonna herself, and the child she had brought was some baby angel.