Archangel [noun]

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Here is also a beautiful allusion to the parting speech of the "sociable archangel," to Tobit and his son.

Standing on the wire, he seemed a red archangel of vengeance floating above the heads of that throng of people.

She is the bright archangel of the dogma that while a woman must be amused, she need not pay.

Not a harsh word escapes the stern lips of the flaming Archangel.

Had any one proposed a like bath to the people who inhabit the banks of the Dwina, near Archangel, he would have been stoned.

So 't is will'd On high, there where the great Archangel pour'd Heav'n's vengeance on the first adulterer proud.

The poet seems to compare the nineteenth century, amidst the flames of furnaces and engines, to the fallen archangel in hell.

He grinned spitefully at the church and its great archangel and mouthed a lewd objurgation.

From a black cloud darted, from time to time, a tongue of flame like the sword of the avenging Archangel hidden behind it.

Weighing anchor again, we stood for New Archangel, a Russian settlement, where we came to anchor.