Photograph [noun]

Definition of Photograph:

a still picture taken with a camera

Synonyms of Photograph:

Opposite/Antonyms of Photograph:


Sentence/Example of Photograph:

I'll get his photograph, and publish a newspaper portrait of him.

When she died I pasted the dear old lady's photograph inside the upper lid.

It captured and imprisoned the sounds as the photograph retained the images of light.

I am not going to break down; but—but there is a photograph of Rogie when he was very small—'

I have seen it or a photograph of it somewhere, and at some time.

I recognised my photograph, taken in Le Passant, smelling a rose.

He also gave me a copy of the sonnet and a tracing of his son's photograph.

I signed for each of them a voucher, on a sheet of the hotel paper, for a photograph.

They compelled the photographer to sell them his photograph, and they all believe he is in love with them.

"I don't think it's so much like me as the photograph," said I boldly.