Picture [noun]

Definition of Picture:

illustration, likeness of something

Opposite/Antonyms of Picture:

Sentence/Example of Picture:

As a last rally, he tried to picture the difficulties he might encounter.

Like everything else in that neighborhood, it was covered with picture writing.

But now the picture that drifted through his mind was still more horrible.

How different a picture would the streets and public places then present!

There was less diversity of opinion in regard to Elinor's picture.

The picture, with all its tremendous coloring, was finished.

He sat down on the anvil with his heart beating, and began to recall the picture.

He looked at his hero, and then he looked into his mind and saw the picture of Sally.

The picture is almost comic in its incongruity with what actually is.

He is pretty well known, and perhaps the picture will be recognized.