Depiction [noun]

Definition of Depiction:

description, rendering

Synonyms of Depiction:

Opposite/Antonyms of Depiction:


Sentence/Example of Depiction:

He suspected that she had unconsciously registered the rotting stairs, and her dream was a vivid depiction of the threat.

Some of the depictions of landscapes are actual and unaltered.

The gorgeous ocean-floor depictions were included as poster-sized supplements in issues of National Geographic magazine between 1967 and 1971.

Numerous critics have argued that the burden of an accurate depiction of history would be too unduly heavy for a lightweight story like Bridgerton to bear.

By refusing to show us a “true” depiction of the Isu civilization, and viewing it only through the lens of cultures we know, we begin to have a deeper connection to the past, even as the truth remains forever obscured from us.

Some Conservatives have criticized the program’s depiction of Thatcher, played by Gillian Anderson.

Working in health care brings the full range of human emotion, and we wanted to represent an honest depiction of that in the stories we told and the people we worked with.

More common are depictions of everyday life, such as a screenshot of a virtual classroom.

Like many of us, Elle Lorraine learned to define “bad hair” by the limited depictions of “good hair” she saw in media.

In Nollywood – the country’s film industry – early depictions were constructed by non-LGBTI people who seemed to latch on public inquisitiveness for financial gains.