Portrayal [noun]

Definition of Portrayal:


Synonyms of Portrayal:

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Sentence/Example of Portrayal:

This story gives a portrayal of the noblest of Indians—Hiawatha.

This work is especially valuable in its portrayal of home conditions.

Description is the portrayal of an object by means of language.

It will be a portrayal of the history of Norlamin from the first cooling of the planet.

His portrayal of Mr. Warwick to his wife and his friends was fine caricature.

Clarke presumably undertook to continue the portrayal of this type.

To me the chief interest in The Lie centres in the portrayal of character.

His behaviour in it completes the portrayal of the character.

The idea of portrayal was novel but many more pages could have been written.

I try always to give the Devil his due—and particularly in this Portrayal.