Description [noun]

Definition of Description:

account in speech, writing

Opposite/Antonyms of Description:

Sentence/Example of Description:

By drawing on a fundamental description of cause and effect found in Einstein’s theory of special relativity, researchers from Imperial College London have come up with a way to help AIs make better guesses too.

However, as the workaround description implies, this separate tracking carries the risk of someone still being served the same ad even after the limit has been exceeded.

Nurses found that working safely isn’t only about PPE and sanitation, but also a much broader range of practices, from using technology in new ways to changing job descriptions.

Those restaurants’ profiles on Goldbelly are then linked to in the description box of the video and Thrillist makes a commission off of any transactions.

Later this year, developers will be required to include information in a so-called “nutrition label” about how their apps collect data on their app description page.

Optimize your podcast title and description in the same way you do other web content, around a focused keyword.

Likewise, optimizing your YouTube videos with informative, keyword-rich titles and descriptions, and categorizing them correctly will give you the best chances of being seen, and improving your CPS rate.

You need to start seeing the title and the description as a way you can “sell” your page to a potential visitor of your page.

A good idea would be to choose an image that best reflects what you’re trying to rank for, and put a keyword in its description.

I decided to do that internship because I read the description and it sounded cool.