Narration [noun]

Definition of Narration:

description, reading

Synonyms of Narration:

Opposite/Antonyms of Narration:

Sentence/Example of Narration:

We shall here resume the more picturesque style of narration.

George was glad to have some one to talk to, but he was distressed by this narration of his landlady.

Mr. Stubmore did not seem to grow more distant at Philip's narration.

The Queen is said to have been moved to tears by the narration of his story.

And narration may be either simple narration, or imitation, or a union of the two?

During the narration, Liza had been kneeling, with her arms in her friend's lap.

“It is like a romance,” said Phazma, finally, at the conclusion of this narration.

Several months have necessarily elapsed since the commencement of this narration.

It may be a little difficult to guess what this has to do with the narration.

Give other examples of direct discourse broken by narration.