Narrative [adjective]

Definition of Narrative:

storylike, chronological

Synonyms of Narrative:

Opposite/Antonyms of Narrative:

Sentence/Example of Narrative:

The narrative was broken off short by a cry of jubilee in the court.

His narrative is adapted alike for the juvenile mind and for the adult.

The rest is narrative, and in it I have only desired to show the reader what it looked like.

Yet the narrative may not be without interest, or material for reflection.

But, leaving the history of my feelings, I must proceed with my narrative.

This may in some measure account for the extraordinary omissions in the narrative.

It remains only to renew the declaration, that every part of this narrative is supposed to be true.

One day, the last time I was with him, I read the narrative of the thief on the cross.

It is this which throws an inexpressible charm over the narrative.

I couldn't resist interrupting his narrative to this extent.