Anecdotal [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Anecdotal:

While it is possible that nearby wildlife, normally turned off by our noise, were now wandering into the territory of their human neighbors, the reports were mostly anecdotal.

While Google hasn’t released any LSA data, anecdotal evidence suggests these ads are performing well.

A few other anecdotal cases of reinfection have since emerged, including one from Bengaluru.

There is mounting anecdotal evidence that when you adjust training protocols to the specifics of female physiology, athletes perform better.

We are beginning to hear reports of delays, but this information is anecdotal right now.

We don’t have access to that, and if we don’t have access we can only draw from anecdotal information.

It was Harwood's habit to spend a day in the towns he visited, gathering local color and collecting anecdotal matter.

An anecdotal volume this, with moments on the Riviera and matches played in South Africa.

There was a whiff of gunpowder exciting the atmosphere in the anecdotal part of the history known.

But a spiced incident, a notorious couple,—an anecdotal witness to the scene,—could you expect Mr. Rose Mackrell to contain it?