Unreliable [adjective]

Definition of Unreliable:

not trustworthy, not true

Opposite/Antonyms of Unreliable:

Sentence/Example of Unreliable:

They were biased, unreliable at best, as regards culinary matters.

He had always been eccentric and unreliable, and now his intellect was threatened.

A machine that is as unreliable as he is would have no market.

There can be no question that he was idle, untruthful, and unreliable.

Even beneath her feet, now, the floor seemed unsteady, unreliable.

Their knowledge and experience was of the selfish or of the unreliable kind.

Like all the other tests of the scale, it is unreliable when used alone.

If the spur be at all out of place, as it is likely to be, the graduations on a beam will be unreliable.

I found my wardrobe out there, as usual, with the Unreliable in it.

But there is nothing so unreliable as weather, especially Irish weather.