Treacherous [adjective]

Definition of Treacherous:

dishonest, disloyal

Opposite/Antonyms of Treacherous:

Sentence/Example of Treacherous:

Or he will be killed by falling stones or a treacherous blizzard.

A man who was kind to a horse could not be treacherous to a man, Andrew decided.

Mingwe was the name by which they were known to other tribes, and means "stealthy," "treacherous."

It would be treacherous, now that he's helpless to forbid me.

The other gods knew that the treacherous Loki had done it, and did not blame Hodur.

The ground around, which was boggy and treacherous, was held by the enemy.

False and treacherous is that happiness, which has been preceded by no trial, and is connected with no desert.

But where the mind is too deeply interested, there it is that the faculties are most treacherous.

Let us avoid for the moment the treacherous territory of definitions.

And to the lines and treacherous rocks look well as you launch!