Catchy [adjective]

Definition of Catchy:

captivating, addictive

Synonyms of Catchy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Catchy:

Sentence/Example of Catchy:

It’s ideal to use catchy phrases such as “holiday season” or “holiday sale” as they will increase your open rates.

In between a catchy refrain of “Diwali with Mi,” the two trade zingers about who’s the better rapper.

Her brash style feels new but is catchy enough to make it on pop radio.

Like many of her fellow TikTok stars, she built her following of more than 5 million by lip-syncing to catchy hip-hop songs and joking around with friends.

It’s a hard concept to reduce to a catchy tagline, but it’s an engaging gender-bending boundary-busting movie.

The meeting opened with the singing of a popular hymn which carried a refrain catchy enough but running to doggerel.

You dont get a very large repertoire here, but what they do give you is sort of catchy.

The infidel review is crisp in style, its arguments catchy, and the brilliancy of its diction captivates.

The tunes were very catchy and bright, and everybody seemed constantly to be humming them, in season or out of season.

The flapper drew a long and rather catchy breath, then she adjusted a strand of hair misplaced by his violence.