Slick [adjective]

Definition of Slick:

smooth, polished

Synonyms of Slick:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slick:

Sentence/Example of Slick:

And can you tie up a bundle quick and slick and make it look neat?

But that minnit I seen an arm shoot out and that fellow shot off as slick!

She' always up to somethin' to make a dollar, and she's as slick a talker as ever was, I guess.

“Slick” was a word which she had recently learned from Smith.

What the Queen wanted most at the moment was to be quick and slick in getting off.

Too late to stop, he saw a slick of green slime on the floor.

Say, it was a slick game of talk that Sadie handed out then, for she was playin' for time.

And everything else was jes as slick and smooth as if she was slidin' off the stocks.

And I knew what he was—some Chinese blood in him, and the name o' being a slick one.

He was comfortable in his own little cottage, but it seemed too small and too "slick" for him.