Unpolished [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unpolished:

I said so, in a most unpolished phrase: I called myself a spy.

Down the edges are rows of small, unpolished pearls, running into points.

He was in some ways rough-hewn and unpolished, but he was a great man.

The walls were divided into panels of polished and unpolished granite.

The pile was ordered to be built of rough wood, unpolished by the ax.

All those people seemed to him too unpolished or too hostile.

And he pointed to the necklace of ruddy, unpolished stones that he wore.

Of course it was unpolished, but even in that state was very beautiful.

If he be a diamond, he is certainly in the rough and unpolished.

"She is too elegant, too clever, to like an unpolished girl like me," thought Selina.