Unfinished [adjective]

Definition of Unfinished:

not completed

Opposite/Antonyms of Unfinished:

Sentence/Example of Unfinished:

He once began a review of George Eliot's biography, but left it unfinished.

Nothing amused me more than to go with him in the morning over the unfinished house.

On a stool was the unfinished model of Fecundity swathed in wet cloths.

There is a small statue opposite it also—unfinished, but "a spirit still."

It lay for many years in the basin at Hoboken an unfinished hulk.

He could not seem to find a satisfactory ending to the sentence and so left it unfinished.

Leave the world, my son, and return to your unfinished vows.

The housekeeper laid the pen down beside the unfinished letter.

The gratitude that leapt to her eyes smote me hard, for my sentence was unfinished.

These were then carried to the unfinished tomb fifty yards away and there deposited.